Community Based Protection & Self Reliance focal point

Community Based Protection & Self Reliance focal point

Location: Kilkis


Jod description:

A dedicated personnel who will work together with the team of social workers and the community towards community engagement and mobilization, empowering communities to get involved in decision-making and planning, building a basis for durable solutions, empower refugee and hosting populations and promote collaboration, trust, strengthen coexistence, social and economic interaction between communities.


Fostering the social, economic ability and livelihood opportunities of hosted population working on individual/ family assessments, developing and strengthening livelihoods of persons of concern, and reducing their vulnerability and long-term reliance on humanitarian/external assistance. Will work as well in close collaboration with local chamber of commerce and the unemployment office and other relevant actors in order to identify opportunities for the hosted population."


  • Degree in Social Sciences/Humanitarian/Social studies suggested
  • Previous experience in Humanitarian sector
  • Collaborative skills within the group
  • Ability to work under pressure, initiative, problem solving
  • Experience in organizing extroversion actions and communication with public and private local actors
  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to conduct focus group discussions and community assessments
  • Community empowerment towards self reliance
  • Basic knowledge of the legal framework on asylum seekers and refugees , labor law, human rights and social and economic rights
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge of PC operations


Interested parties can send their resume to: with subject "SR0620" until 15/06/2020.