Personal stories

Personal stories


I was born in 1998 in Mazar Sharif city of Balkh province of Afghanistan. I went to Bakhtar High school and graduated on 2017. Along with school, I joined youth association and I was volunteer member of youth association administration of Balkh province for five years.


In 2017 I began studying law and political sciences in Turkistan university of Balkh province, which unfortunately I couldn’t complete, as I forced to leave Afghanistan in 2019.


I have been in Greece since October 2019; We arrived in  Lesvos Island and then we were transferred to the mainland. Since then I have work experience as Interpreter/Translator and English language teacher.


I worked as volunteer interpreter and optometrist  assistant with Light Without Borders Clinic, and also as volunteer interpreter in the Safe Zone of Moria camp for five months. After I was transferred to the mainland,  we established Wave of hope for the future (a school for  refugees inside the Nea Kavala camp), where I had been teaching advanced English classes for four months and then I worked as communication coordinator. Since October 2020, I have been working as Interpreter in Omnes Association. Being an interpreter is a demanding job, I am   aware that it takes years to gain experience, however, I feel comfortable with having to deal with difficult or emotional situations and face challenges on an everyday basis. 

I would like to be a professional interpreter in order to acquire more knowledge, build up my capacity, reveal my potential and benefit from new experiences.  I also like to help people in their needs and try to support their growth in the best possible ways. What I will enjoy, too, will be to work in a multilingual environment, learning different languages and cultures. I strongly believe that the passion of people always makes the world different.



My name is Marzeyeh, I am 29 years old, I come from Afghanistan and recently I moved in Kilkis, with my husband and our two children. We arrived in Greece in 2018, after we faced a lot of hardships, but we did not give up. I always believe that we will succeed.⁣

During my accomodation in Thessaloniki, I had been a long-term and contributive member of Irida Women’s Center. I had been volunteering for 15 months twice a week as a teacher for the sewing classes, while also organizing the timetable of topics and the materials. I am so thankful to the dear members of Irida for helping me open an online store!⁣

I would love to keep making tailoring products in the future and also teach tailoring to those who are interested, as I enjoy helping the others. My husband, Mohammad, and I tried hard to open a shop and create a job ourselves, but we did not succeed so far. We will do it in the future.⁣


I'm Fatima, a 16-year-old girl from Afghanistan. After enduring many hardships, I arrived in Greece where I found peace and tranquility.⁣

I love studying, painting, cooking (especially baking cakes and donuts) and learning new things.⁣
However, my favorite hobby is photography. I can clearly say that photography is the most beautiful feeling in the world for me... I love capturing different people, my living environment, nature and everything else that attracts my attention.⁣

I have big goals and aspirations in mind, I strive to achieve them and I hope that I will make them come true.⁣

My dream is that one day I can become a successful and skilled photographer and make progress in this field.⁣

I hope that all people, including the people of Afghanistan, will always be at peace and that everyone will achieve their interests and desires.⁣



Fatimah Hosseini

''After several months of hardships, we arrived in Greece and a new page for my life turned. I can clearly say, that day was the best of my life...''
In this video she made herself, Fatima narrates her journey to Greece, her life now in Kilkis and her dreams for the future...


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