Meet our talents!

Meet our talents!
My name is Chinar, I am 19 years old and I come from Kurdistan. I've been living in Greece for 4 years!⁣⁣
My life in Kilkis is beautiful! It's a small and quiet town, with good and generous people! I have made very good friends here!⁣⁣
Omnes Inclusion Centre has helped me a lot to learn Greek and get better in school lessons. It is a place where I met many good people, who helped me to promote my ideas.
⁣Since I was a child, my passion was art, specifically painting. My motivation was my dad, from whom I believe I inherited my talent!⁣
My name is Peyman, I am 17 years old and I come from Afghanistan. I love art and illustration. To me art is all about expressions, how I feel at the moment and what I would want to draw at that moment. I was inspired by motley cartoons because I grew up watching them and I wanted to make something myself. I love colors because the combination of different colors makes me feel happy. I want to keep creating art as long as I live and become a full time artist.

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