Arabic Interpreter / cultural mediator / translator

Arabic Interpreter / cultural mediator / translator

Duty Location: Polykastro regional unit



OMNES is a Kilkis based volunteer association which, through a human centered and rights based approach, currently conducts an inclusive and integrated program constituted of three pillars,

A housing project, an inclusion center and a livelihood project under development which aim at bringing a mid-term social support and at facilitating/fostering social inclusion for persons in/at risk of social exclusion (Greek residents and persons seeking international protection) through the provision of off-site safe and dignifying temporary housing and other support inclusive services.



The main purpose of the position isto provide interpreting and translating support andbridge cultural gaps between OMNES team members from all departments (legal, housing, social, inclusion center, medical…), the program users who are not Greek speakers and other public and private institutions to guarantee a smooth implementation of OMNES program in the regional unit of Kilkis.

Basic principles related to the position:

ü  The interpreter takes responsibility for his/her work and conduct; he/she is committed to providing quality service in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner, dealing honestly and fairly with other parties, colleagues and the target population.

ü  The interpreter is a facilitator and not an advocate; in this sense, his/her role is to be neutral, to remain unbiased, and to relay what is being said, exactly – not to input with personal opinion, or to influence a situation on either party’s behalf. OMNES interpreters are not responsible for what the parties communicate, only for the complete and accurate transfer of the message. They do not allow bias to influence their performance, nor do they soften, strengthen, or alter the messages being conveyed.

ü  He/she discloses any conflict of interest or any matter that may compromise their impartiality.

ü  The interpreter uses his/her best professional judgment in remaining faithful at all times to the meaning of texts and messages provided by the program team members he/she supports, preserving the content and intent of the original text or message, and transferring it without any omission or distortion.

ü  The interpreter and team member he/she supports can discuss about specific cases, share impressions about cultural appropriateness of decisions, always keeping in mind the expertise of each (Example: an interpreter can/shall discuss with team members from the legal department about the cultural, appropriate way to transfer information on their case and provide additional information about the person if acquired through non-verbal expression but can never question any legal recommendation).

ü  The interpreter does not misuse any information received in connection with the interpreting assignments. The interpreter shall by no mean seek to further their own interest in any situation arisen from their position within the community or the team in order to gain financial or any other benefit. Nor will the interpreter use the information received in any work situation for the benefit of others or in order to harm others. The interpreter conforms to contractual obligations towards his/her employer.

ü  The interpreter is bound by strict rules of confidentiality. The interpreter must respect the rule of confidentiality and can, by no mean, disclose information acquired in the course of his/her work. Confidentiality can only be broken in cases of imminent harm or danger to either party and always referring to an appropriate professional.



  • On daily basis, supports OMNES internal services with interpretation from Arabic to Greek or English or Greek and/or English to Arabic and upon request, bridges cultural gaps for the smooth program implementation.
  • Supports with the translation of needed documents to access service provision.
  • Accompanies OMNES professionals and service users (non-Greek speakers) wherever required to facilitate communication between them and public or private services visited.
  • Provide insight and context of the culture of person of concern to OMNES.


Qualifications & Experience required:

  • Excellent working knowledge of the Arabic language
  • Previous experience in a relevant position, especially with vulnerable groups
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft Office and basic Internet applications
  • Understanding and sensitivity to the needs of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures
  • Knowledge of English is an asset.


Skills and ability required

  • Profound cross-cultural awareness and knowledge of issues and challenges related to interculturality
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen and respect for diversity.
  •   Conflict management and counseling skills.
  • Flexibility and dynamism.
  • Diplomacy and ability to work effectively with others.
  • High level of integrity.
  •   Ability to work under pressure in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to details. 


  •   Work permit in Greece.
  •   Committed to the OMNES values and ethics

Those interested can send their CV to until 15/10/2019 with subject «INTP1019».