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1926 - 2016

Almost 100 years ago, yet the blood of refugees does not seem to be thinning out in Kilkis.

From the most famous refugee of Kilkis Hatzi-Outskounis to young Nour from Syria, Outskouni street never stopped to lit its lights during the long nights of the refugees.

The fate of the family of Tsavdar from Ardassa in Pontus - Trabzon - Batumi (the Deep Limin of the ancient, the mythical Colchis) - Thessaloniki - Small (Mikrodasos Kilkis) - Kilkis - Street Outskouni.

The refugee child from Stenimachos Bulgaria with its vineyards all the way to the fields to the state of Manhattan, where he was given to live! Sir Charles Outskounis, whose name was given to the current street of Kilkis...

To the girl from Aleppo who left to be safe - Izmir - Lesvos - Athens - Cherso Kilkis - she also put her childhood mind, her soul, her hope, her smile, her faith in the street of Outskouni 3 in Kilkis.

3 Outskouni str. 61100. Kilkis. Greece.
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